[Matplotlib-users] Installing matplotlib with Mac OS 10.6

Christopher Barker wrote:

The diskimage is usually built for the python binary supplied by python.org -- that is what the message means by the "system version". I tried to submit a patch to change that message a year or two ago, but I guess it never got applied -- maybe I'll try again.

I took a look at the source for the latest bdist_mpkg -- it looks like it should now give a message like:

"This package requires MacPython to be installed"

though It's all a bit complicated -- did whoever built the dmg use the latest bdist_mpkg?

But maybe should still do:

A note to developers/distributors:

Robin Dunn figured out a way to install a binary wxPython that will work with both the Apple and the python.org binaries. What it does it put it in /usr/local, and then put a pth file in both of the pythons so that it can be found. A bit of a hack, but it works, and I've never heard anyone have a problem with it.

Perhaps we should do the same thing with MPL -- I'm sure he'd be glad to share his scripts for building it.



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