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Hello all,

I need to format the values of graphic to KHz…my values are in Hz
see at idle python it displays the values as: 3000 3050 3100 … 3400 , but I need to go where it will be displayed KHz: 3.0 3.1

can someone help me?


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  1. scientific notation (Wal?ria Antunes David)

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Hi all,

I have a code base so that:

from pylab import *

x = arange (3000,3400)

y = -108 * (3.0e14 ** 2)/x**2



plot(x, y)

Well… the values of the function range(3000,3400) are in Hz…i need

to pass GHz which would be in scientific notation as follows bellow:

3000 Hz = 3,0 ? 10-6 GHz

3400 Hz = 3,4 x 10-6 Ghz

How do I make the graph x-axis is shown in figures

scientific notation, for this currently so


in scientific notation is: (3.0e-6, 3.4e-6)

Can someone help me?

See my attachment…

I need to show this values in scientific notation…


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