Matplotlib-users Digest, Vol 29, Issue 48


I use the API of matplotlib and have a basic problem:

Up to now I am used to gather my data into a list of tuples. But
matplotlib uses serveral lists instead.

  me: [(date1, count1), (date2, count2), ...]
  matplotlib: ax.plot_date(dates, counts)

Finally I use something like this quite often:
   method([item[0] for item in items], [item[1] for item in items])
But I think thats to much looping.

x=[(date1, count1), (date2, count2), ...]
ax.plot_date(dates, counts)

That's my personal problem, but I think a more pythonic
API would be nice...

afaik its nothing to do with the matplotlib api: better to ask this on
the python channel where it features regularly


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