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Well, I'd rather set the fontsize in Pixels, but I suppose I can do that
by setting DPI to 72. However, you generally don't want to zoom text as
you zoom in and out, you are zooming in on teh DATA, no the PICTURE of
the data.

By the way, if you do want that, check out my FloatCanvas, in the
wxPython lib. You'll have to draw your own Axes, but if you use
ScaledText, you'll get the whole picture to zoom and scroll.



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Eg, if you have set your dpi parameter correctly to reflect your

   from pylab import *
   fig = figure(dpi=96)
   text(1,2,'hi mom', fontsize=72)

creates text that is an inch high, irrespective of the view port. I
think this is the behavior most people expect, at least those who are
used to thinking about fontsizes in points.