Matplotlib-users digest, Vol 1 #164 - 1 msg

It turns out that temporarily renaming conflicting dll

    > that lives in the windows/system32 folder was the right
    > thing to do. Renaming that dll to prevents it from
    > being accessed and GTK works.

Hi Darren,

Glad you got something working.

    > Now I just have to wait for the offending program to
    > complain. Then, the dll that I renamed can be moved to the
    > folder containing the .exe file. The final step is to
    > contact the offending software company and complain about
    > their 3rd party dll's in the system32 folder.

It is hard to get the various gtk for win32 packages working together
for this reason.

    > The guy who takes care of the windows port of GTK tells me
    > that these dll conflicts are very common. It might be
    > worth discussing on the matplotlib windows quickstart
    > section.

It's in the FAQ I
updated the quickstart instructions to provide a link to the FAQ in
case people have trouble.