Matplotlib User Questionnaire Survey

Hey everyone! I’ve created a survey for improving documentation and based off of this year’s GSoD proposal of Developing Entry Paths and would be happy to hear any feedback you may have on the questions. If you’ve got an opportunity to take a look, I’m open to hearing from anyone and everyone!

Matplotlib Questionnaire Survey

Thank you :smile:

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Hey @jeromev you may have intended this but if not just a quick heads up that the link will allow anyone on the internet to edit the form. (or at the very least I seem to be able to edit it)

Thank you! Yes, I allowed anyone to edit the link for that specific survey as I’m planning to distribute a different version to communities when I’ve got more feedback about the questions. Though, I may have been a bit ambitious in the sense that anyone from the internet could change the survey, I trust folks wouldn’t abuse it for what the intentions of the questionnaire are.

For the question:

Which of the following do you use to implement Matplotlib into your workflow?

The last option of ‘Batch script’ might be confusing because that is a Windows term. Maybe just ‘Script’ or ‘Command-line’?