matplotlib svn users

Darren has pointed out that the matplotlib-users mailing list is
getting a fair amount of traffic regarding problems with subversion
builds. While we are certainly grateful for these bug reports and
happy to help, the matplotlib-devel list is probably a more
appropriate place for these reports and discussions. The users list
now has over 400 subscribers and many of you may not be interested in
arcane discussions of bugs and features under development -- there is
just no accounting for the tastes of some people.

So if you use the svn tree, I encourage you to

  1) subscribe to the matplotlib-devel list and keep and eye on the
     postings there. This will give you a heads up of things that are
     changing. The traffic there is lighter so it is not too hard to
     keep an sys on it.

  2) post your bugs and problems you are having with the svn builds
     there. Problems like "how do I do X" should be posted on the
     user's list, but bugs, particularly those on svn builds, should
     be posted on the devel list.

Subscribe here:

Overall, lots of mailing list traffic is probably a good sign: last
month we saw almost 6000 downloads from the sourceforge site (an all
time record and not including the distribution builds), are in the
99.5 percentile of active sourceforge projects, closed 42 sourceforge
bugs, patches and feature requests, and logged almost 600 posts on the
users and devel mailing lists. Woohoo!

Many thanks to the developers who've been burning the midnight oil
recently, particularly Darren Dale, Eric Firing, and Charlie Moad.