matplotlib svn bug: "Found an unknown keyword in AFM header..."?

Andrew Jaffe <a.h.jaffe@...287...> writes:

I admit I don't understand the problems or the speccific code involved,
but I *think* it may be that the OSX-specific code isn't restricted to
afm files. Hence I wonder if the following is a fix:

- for f in OSXInstalledFonts():
+ for f in OSXInstalledFonts(fontext=fontext):

It helps in this particular case, but I think the intention behind this
code is to allow loading non-TrueType fonts even when fontext='ttf'. On
OS X there are various non-TrueType font formats (dfont, otf,
resource-fork fonts), at least some of which are supported by freetype,
so if you always pass fontext to OSXInstalledFonts, you unnecessarily
limit the fonts found to those whose filename indicates ttf format.
(Macs also don't care as much about filename extensions as the rest of
the world.)

But I'm just guessing here as to the reasoning behind the code. Somebody
else might know better?


Jouni K. Sepp�nen