Matplotlib shows an error message on my MACOS

2020-04-25 02:18:49.545 Python[698:7633] imkxpc_getApplicationProperty:reply: called with incorrect property value 4, bailing.
2020-04-25 02:18:49.546 Python[698:7633] Text input context does not respond to _valueForTIProperty:

I have seen on Google that other people have the same question but no one answers
I use the same environment in windows, but he did not error
python 3.8.6 matplotlib 3.1.0 opencv 3.3.1 ipython 7.6.1

What backend are you using, get via print(matplotlib.get_backend()) ? My guess is that you are getting the osx backend.

If you do matplotlib.use('tkagg') or matplotlib.use('qt5agg') before you import pyplot do you get the same errors?

Are they actually errors that break your code or do they only print to the screen?

also i used python venv and anaconda venv
same error

and they just only print to the screen