matplotlib redhat 7.3 / as3.0

Hi, first time user, first time installer...

    > Is there a howto for matplotlib installation on redhat
    > 7.3/as2.1 & as3.0?

    > I'm trying to install matplotlib on these platforms and
    > am running into a seemingly endless list of dependancies
    > for python2.2, numarray:

    > just on the 7.3 side, - freetype >= 2.1.7 is needed, but
    > rh has 2.0.9-2. - pygtk >= 1.99.16 needed, rh has
    > 1.99.8-7. - pygtk 2.2.0 needs glib >= 2.2.0, redhat has
    > 1.2.10-5, - pygtk 1.99.16 compiles, but I get error
    > "ImportError: /usr/lib/ undefinded
    > symbol: FT_Seek_Stream", which I haven't tracked down
    > just yet... - the line "inf = infty = Infinity =
    > _ieee.inf" in fails to find 'inf' in
    > '_ieee', but commenting it out works fine. - While the
    > install webpage says I only need freetype,libpng,zlib to
    > compile, I get runtime complaints on import of
    > matplotlib.matlab * (running about
    > missing image libraries if I don't turn the BUILD_IMAGE
    > flag on.

I have compiled matplotlib on 7.3 but it's been a while. Rather than
upgrading to the latest pygtk, which will require a major upgrade of
all your gtk libs and their dependencies, try getting pygtk-1.99.16.
Since you already have pygtk-1.99.x, I think you should be able to
compile this. And install freetype 2.1.7 or later, and numarray 1.1
or later, and try again. With luck, with these packages you'll
get much farther.

I suggest you try to compile pygtk with --enable-thread and

When building matplotlib, set the following in


If you can't build, please post the build output to the list and we'll
take it from there.

Good luck!


This is all way too difficult me as I'm not looking

    > forward to upgrading so many packages across our
    > production I missing something obvious?
    > Perhaps an older version of matplotlib known to work on
    > this redhat? I'm just using it for simple time-series
    > plots, real-time and to some file (png, gif, ps, pdf...).

    > thanks in advance for any help,

    > Darrell

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