Matplotlib recipe for categorical scatter plot?

Matplotlib recipe for categorical scatter plot?

Hi –

I’m trying to create a scatter plot that represents a matrix cross-referencing two categorical lists. For example, given the following:

Joe San Francisco

Sam Seattle

Frank New York

Frank Boston

Frank Miami

Andrew Miami

I would like a scatter plot with names on one axis and cities on the other, with a plot mark at the axis intersections where there is a match. Is there a way to map directly from such categories to matplotlib datasets, or do I first need to map this to a numerical indexing scheme and then visualize it? Is there a simple way to at least have the categories used as value labels on the axes?

I’m new to matplotlib, so if this turns out to be a poor fit for this tool, any pointers to better tools (preferrably python-based) would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time,


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