Matplotlib Qt4Agg backend ignores 'resize_event'


My problem is not with the actual "resize" functionality, which works fine,
but with attaching a callback to a resize_event ("say_hello" in my example).
Specifically, I have a figure that uses blitting, i.e., saves the background
and only updates some artists as a function of events in another figure.
Obviously, when the user resizes the blitting figure, the background changes
and the snapshot image has to be regenerated. Hence my need to attach a
callback to a resize event. This works fine in other backends that support
blitting, but not in Qt4Agg.

The reason why it doesn't work lies in
lib/matplotlib/backends/, where the last line is missing in:

def resizeEvent( self, event ):

I was hoping that someone could confirm that this is a bug and that adding
the line is the correct fix for the problem. I was then going to file a bug



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