Matplotlib/Pylab... A Couple Of Problems...

No matter which is my choice, the window crashes and I get

    > the usual XP message about sending error messages to
    > Microsoft and so on. It is a strange exception, if I
    > resize the window VERY slowly, there is no exception
    > (usually).

There is a known bug in Agg on Windows XP that appears on repeated
draws (resizing does this) that causes a segmentation fault. I've
only seen this in the context of draw markers (eg


where 'o' is a plot marker symbol. Do you have markers in your plot?

Unfortunately, even though I think I know where the bug is occurring,
I don't yet have a fix for it. If it is too annoying, you may want to
roll back to 0.71 until I figure this one out.

    > Problem 2: Considering always the, if I
    > run it (without resizing the window :wink: ) and I press the
    > key "g" (for the grid), the grid appears and suddenly
    > disappears. I opened the and I commented
    > out the draw() command (that follows the grid() command),
    > and now the grid does not disappear. What could be the
    > problem with draw()?!? I have to use it in my application,
    > but I am not able to display the grid...

Oh, I get it :slight_smile:

the 'g' key is now a default part of matplotlib -- eg pressing 'g'
toggles the grid on any axes. I wrote the keypress_demo before making
this behavior default, so what you see in the demo is that you toggle
grid two times in keypress_demo, once in the default axes handling,
and once in the demo. And so it ends up turning it on and back off.
Time to update the demo!

    > Thank your for every suggestion, and sorry for the long
    > post.

Bug reports are always welcome -- thanks!