Matplotlib publication/release schedule

Is there a documented schedule, or procedure for determining that schedule, for the publication of matplotlib releases (to PyPI, and/or other installation indexes)?

The latest release on PyPI is from November. There are obviously a large number of commits since then (some of which are trivial, but others fix known issues). In particular, the following commit brought this question to my attention: .

The current situation on PyPI is that pip install matplotlib and pip install pillow will install incompatible versions of these packages. So what is the procedure to schedule new versions or patches of matplotlib to PyPI, etc? Is it documented anywhere? Thank you.

We aim for every 6 months for minor release and as-needed from minor releases, but given the mostly volunteer nature of our contributors we sometimes miss (as we currently have on 3.2).

I am working on getting 2.2.5 (doc related issues) and 3.1.3 (one PR outstanding) tagged and released which have the fix for pillow (along with another 3.2.0rc).

Had intended to get it out last weekend, but found (