matplotlib problem: no plot appears

Hi, While the savefig() command works fine, I am unable to

    > get anything to appear when I use show(). Instead, the
    > program hangs (until I hit ctrl-C to exit).

    > Here is the verbose output of a simple script,

    > from pylab import * plot([1,2,3]) show()

    > When run from Cygwin, I get the following (below). Similar
    > output is produced when I try other backends. Any advice?

That's odd; I don't have a lot of experience with cygwin (When
marooned on win32, I use mingw but from a DOS shell). You might
consider using ipython in pysh mode as a win32 shell.

Can you launch a plain vanilla tk app from your cygwin environment?

from Tkinter import *

def press_z(event):
    print 'You pressed z'

def press_mouse(event):
    print 'You pressed mouse-1'

root = Tk()
frame = Frame(root, width=500,height=500)
frame.bind('z', press_z)
frame.bind('<Button-1>', press_mouse)