matplotlib or pylab

Hello, which interface is to prefer when using it from

    > python scripts? Are they both offer the same
    > functionality? Which one is more pythonic? Where can I
    > find examples for using the matplotlib classes? (I've
    > only found a lot of examples for pylab)

It depends a bit on how you want to use matplotlib. Interactively, eg
from a shell, the pylab interface is more efficient. For generating
scripts in batch mode, eg on a web application server, or for building
a GUI, the matplotlib API is better because it gives you more control
and less magic.

See the FAQ "Is there any guide to using matplotlib with pythonic / OO
/API rather than the pylab interface?" for a few pointers to
resources, which I will soon update with a pointer to Andrew Dalke's
very nice recent article, hot off the presses, "matplotlib without a
GUI" at