Matplotlib OO + redraw a figure with new parameters

Hello Philippe,

Hi list,

I read the faq about matplotlib OO and try to study deeper the process.
I'm not sure how i can redraw easily a figure.
Firs time, the matplotlib.figure is created, its reference is saved in a
list and i attach it to a
'matplotlib.backends.backend_gtkagg.FigureCanvasGTKAgg' then i display
the FigureCanvasGTKAgg in a notebook.

1. Is the matplotlib.figure enough to get all the parameters of the
figure (i.e: axes, title, label, artist)? Or must i use another object?

The Figure object is the one you want, yes. To retrieve the list of axes, use 'figure.axes'. You can then manipulate the axes whichever way you like.

The Canvas is a gtk drawing area that you can use as you would with any other gtk widget. You can put it in a scrolled window, you can hide it, you can resize it, ...

2. Must i reattach the figure to a new
matplotlib.backends.backend_gtkagg.FigureCanvasGTKAgg or the old one has
the capacity to redraw()?

To redraw the canvas, use 'canvas.draw()'.

3. i'm using gtk in all my application, is it better to use gtkAgg or
gtk for speed issues?

I don't really know, I have only used Gtk so far.




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