matplotlib OO + navigationToolbar2GTK doesn't affect a figure in a notebook page

Hi list, I successefully draw and add a

    > matplotlib figure in a notebook page.
    > Thanks to John Hunter and it's powerfull
    > FigureCanvasGTK.

    > I add a navigationToolbar2GTK. But now, i
    > am stuck to have callbacks when a button
    > is pressed. Even the selection drawned
    > when we use the zoom is not displayed.

    > How can i easily used callbacks ever
    > written instead of rewriting all of them?
    > Thanks a lot, Philippe Collet

Can you please provide a minimal code example which demonstrates your
problem -- it will be much easier for us to help you that way.

Also, have you considered using the GTKAgg canvas of the GTK canvas.
It has more features and nicer looking figures, in my opinion.