matplotlib, numpy, numarray

"should" but sometimes perhaps it's too hard to do

    > this. One solution, if the function won't work with
    > anything else than numpy, is to print a warning/error
    > message for this specific function. That will push people
    > towards numpy?

The matplotlib.numerix layer is fairly robust, and there is no reason
to drop support for Numeric of numarray in the near term or develop
bits of matplotlib that are numpy only. While I heartily encourage
people transition to numpy ASAP, I would like to continue full support
for both Numeric and numarray until people who have a large commitment
to one package or another have had time to convert; large institutions
with large code bases, limited man-power and higher priorities will
take their time converting. Note that the Space Telescope Science
Institute, who developed numarray and is still in the process of
porting to numpy, makes heavy use of matplotlib and developed
significant components of it, including the tkagg backend, the font
manager, contouring and the numerix layer itself.

Usually, if something doesn't work with all three packages, it's
because a developer forgot to test and can be fixed in a few minutes
of work.