matplotlib not working on Enthought edition 0.9.2?

Thanks for the advice! The hack suggested by Peter works fine - even though I still get warnings when I use diifferent commands. I am very happy to see nice looking plots coming on my screen!

The extra line in the hack suggested by John brings back the problem (causing an error).


On Fri Mar 10 17:05 , John Hunter sent:


pykem@…1034… wrote …

When I try to import pylab, I get the error message shown

below. I also tried the earlier version of matplotlib

(matplotlib-0.87.win32-py2.3) with the same result. File


line 456, in createFontDict warnings.warn("Cannot handle

unicode filenames %s"%fpath)

So, it looks like what’s happening is that Matplotlib is

trying to cache your font files, and as it does so, it’s

encountered a font whose filename has unicode characters in

it. This is not a problem in and of itself, and it just

The irony is that warning comes in unicode exception handling :slight_smile:

Try replacing that block of code with


font = ft2font.FT2Font(str(fpath))

except RuntimeError:

warnings.warn(“Could not open font file %s”%fpath)


except UnicodeError:

warnings.warn(“Cannot handle unicode filenames”)

print >> sys.stderr, ‘Bad file is’, fpath



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