matplotlib not working on Enthought edition 0.9.2?

pykem@...1034... wrote ..

    >> When I try to import pylab, I get the error message shown
    >> below. I also tried the earlier version of matplotlib
    >> (matplotlib-0.87.win32-py2.3) with the same result. File
    >> "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\matplotlib\",
    >> line 456, in createFontDict warnings.warn("Cannot handle
    >> unicode filenames %s"%fpath)

    > So, it looks like what's happening is that Matplotlib is
    > trying to cache your font files, and as it does so, it's
    > encountered a font whose filename has unicode characters in
    > it. This is not a problem in and of itself, and it just

The irony is that warning comes in unicode exception handling :slight_smile:

Try replacing that block of code with

                font = ft2font.FT2Font(str(fpath))
            except RuntimeError:
                warnings.warn("Could not open font file %s"%fpath)
            except UnicodeError:
                warnings.warn("Cannot handle unicode filenames")
                print >> sys.stderr, 'Bad file is', fpath