matplotlib meeting minutes 2015-11-30

In attendance: Michael Droettboom, Thomas Caswell, Eric Firing, Jens Nielsen

The 2.0 style work has opened up a can of worms. When the colors are
changed to better defaults, the places where those defaults are not used
become more obvious. In fixing those places, it became more obvious that
there are shortcomings in how property cyclers are exposed and
implemented. Issue #5584 illustrates some of the pain points, and #5577 is

As an action plan:

- Expose more about the current property cycler on a given Axes object, so
it can be introspected and used as the basis for another cycler.
- Cyclers on an Axes should always have colors, even if that color is just
black, so that plot types that only care about color can always use it to
access a list of colors.
- We should provide a mechanism to specify a color that is the nth color in
the current property cycle (in the global rcParam). This will go a long
way to keeping things that were easy before easy.



Michael Droettboom
Continuum Analytics
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