Hi list,
Recently, a VISA library was released (,
and I would like to get it and matplotlib working nicely together.
VISA is a generic interface for data logging from scientific instruments.
Currently, I'm running these things from an ipython window by exec'ing a
file object, which refers to some data taking script.

Unfortuantely, there seem to be some circumstances under which the plot
window will not update. Often (awlays?) it has stopped updating after some
ui event has occured in the plot window. I've checked the pages on
"interactive plotting", and tried wxagg and tkagg backends, but to no avail.

Hopefully this is a stupid, easily answered question, as I'd rather get on
with my experiments than trawl through code, but it would be great to get this
working. I feel that python+numpy+matplot+VISA may be a far superior alternative
to the frequently used Labview commerical software, and any
hints that would save me from reinventing the wheel would be much appreciated.

BTW: Developers, thank you indeed for matplotlib. It's one of the great
libraries for a great language.