matplotlib in cygwin

    > No, as I said before, matplotlib 0.72 does the same thing,
    > and I have installed and run matplotlib-0.72 under cygwin
    > before, so I assume this means that cygwin is at fault
    > somehow. I'm just trying to see if I can find where it is
    > at fault so I have something specific to pester the cygwin
    > devs about.

    > Jordan

Oh, I misunderstood this. Have you tried building other C extension
modules before? How about C++ extension modules? You might try and
create a minimal SWIG C++ example and see if you can build that, and if
not you could submit that as a bug to the SWIG/cygwin devs. What is
your gcc version? Can you upgrade gcc or are you using the latest?

I use the mingw environment under win32, but not cygwin. That way you
can use gcc and gnu tools, but native win32 python and binaries. Much
easer, IMO.