Matplotlib imshow and Seaborn heatmap inconsistency

I have two images, im1 = np.random.rand(224,224,3) , i.e. a colored image, and im2 = np.random.rand(224,224), i.e. a heatmap of size 224x224. However, when I plot im1 using plt.imshow and im2 using sns.heatmap, the figures that come out seem to be of dramatically different scales. I’m a bit confused as both images are of 224x224, how can they be different in scales?

It would be a bit clearer to understand what you mean with a picture, or some sample code.

@QuLogic Here’s a code snippet

heatmap = np.random.rand(224,224)
image = np.random.rand(224,224,3)
fig,axs = plt.subplots(2)
ax = sns.heatmap(heatmap, cmap='magma', cbar=False, ax=axs[0])   

And here’s what one would get from the code above

Both images are of size 224x224, why the plot shows they are of such different scales?

Axes.imshow sets aspect='equal' by default: matplotlib.axes.Axes.imshow — Matplotlib 3.6.3 documentation

seaborn.heatmap sets square=False by default: seaborn.heatmap — seaborn 0.12.2 documentation