Matplotlib hangs due to

Can you provide a reproducible example? There is not really enough here to sort out what is going wrong or why it is going wrong. Ideally the example should be self contained (code + synthetic data).

What versions of mpl + numpy + python are you using everywhere?



On Fri Nov 14 2014 at 7:25:15 AM Torsten Bronger <bronger@…669…> wrote:


I’ve had a very odd observation today: I call matplotlib 1.3.1 from

Django 1.7 code running on Apache under Ubuntu 14.04. The relevant

code is:

figure = Figure(frameon=False, figsize=(4, 3))

canvas = FigureCanvasAgg(figure)

axes = figure.add_subplot(111)



The last command hangs.

Funny enough, if I run the very same code on Django’s testserver, it


First, I thought of but

this is not the case here. I’ve really assured that “Agg” is used,

also by providing a proper config file.

The oddest part is, if I replace in matplotlib/, line 136,

    return ma.power(10.0, a) / 10.0


    return np.power(10.0, a) / 10.0

it works!

Can anybody explain this?



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