matplotlib for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion)

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> > Trying to help a Mac friend running OSX 10.7 (Lion) easily set up to test
> > scripts I send him, and have some questions:
> >
> > 1) Can Matplotlib 1.1 run on the Python 2.7.2 version that comes with
> > Lion?
> Yes. You can easily build it yoursef as long as you have XCode
> installed:
> - Edit so that the list of values for "darwin" is
> ['/usr/local', '/usr', /usr/X11']
> (and for a really vanilla build leave out /usr/local). (I have a pull
> request for this to be part of the standard distro, but I don't know if
> or when it will go in since not a big issue.)
> Then do the usual:
> % python build
> % sudo python install

Where are you getting matplotlib 1.1 for Mac OSX 10.7 from to build it?

1.1.0 is the current release. I downloaded the unix tarball.

> > 2) When is there expected to be an installer for Matplotlib 1.1 for OSX
> > 10.7?
> There is one, but like all the matplotlib (and numpy and scipy) official
> binaries it uses's python, not Apple's.
> To go this route install's Python 2.7.2 for 10.6-and-later
> (which is 64-bit) and then install the official numpy and matpotlib
> binaries.

>From where? I didn't see it. I am talking about having a binary
installer on the Matplotlib downloads page,. the last one I see there
is this, which is for OSX-10.6: 2012-02-15

That is the one. 10.6 means "10.6 and later". It is build for's Mac binary installer for 10.6 and later, which works just
fine on Lion.

-- Russell


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