matplotlib finance

Even deprecated, can do some of the things you need.
Check these tutotials, and others, here:

There is also something about live stream and memory usage concern with matplotlib when reloading the charts, somewhere.




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Please direct such questions to the user list in the future (I have included the list on my reply). You may need to join the list to be able to post.

The reason that was deprecated is that none of the current core developers work in finance and hence do not have the domain expertise to maintain the module. We are currently looking for a volunteer to take responsibility for that bit of code.

I have no experience with plotting financial data and am hesitant to speculate about performance, but have gotten 20-30 fps out of mpl on other applications.


On Fri Jan 30 2015 at 1:19:47 PM tbad <tbad2009@…287…> wrote:

Hello Thomas,

  • You write in Github that matplotlib finance is deprecated since matplotlib 1.4. What is instead of it?
  • Can you please advice on what to use if i want to use matplotlib for charting stocks, volume in different formats like candlesticks, tick charts, bar charts with technical analysis add-ons like moving averages etc.? I want to have charts with intra-day real time streaming with a lot of stocks (i have a data feed provider). Or the only way is to do everything manually?
  • And will matplotlib be capable of streaming a lot of stocks tick by tick without delays?
  • Also maybe there are other python packages useful for trading purposes?

Thank you for any answers beforehand,

Best regards,


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