Matplotlib documentation

I second this suggestion. Right now it is quite hard to navigate to an individual function within the chapter of matplotlib.pyplot API in the PDF.

Wai Yip



My first message in the list. I would like to mention a few things about the
matplotlib PDF document.

Firstly, the download link for the pdf document (@ is for release,
compiled on December 17, instead of, on Dec-18.

Next, is there a way to get functions separately listed under each bookmark
listing in the pdf file? For example if I go IV Matplotlib API section from
the bookmarks menu and click the matplotlib.pyplot seb-menu I would like to
see the function names listed. In addition to module indexing (where
keywords highlighted back to original names) this would be a nice feature to
add the pdf documentation.

If this needs a manual configuration, I am volunteering to spend time to add
this functionality.

Gï¿œkhan SEVER