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> >>> Is there any tarball for ml archives ?

Unfortunately a lot of the mail archive search algorithms are pretty
poor. I subscribe over gmail, which has decent search, but I do not
have the entire archives. I have a lot of the archives, particularly
the earlier years when I was using a UNIX mail server and client, but
now that I have moved over to gmail I do not have the recent archives
in flat file or tarball.

You can download the recent archives from (though all email
addresses are encrypted):

I wonder if there is any similar possibility at sourceforge?

The gmane archives only go back to 2004 or so, so it would be
nice if you (or other early developers) could upload older
archives to gmane. The instructions are at

but basically all you have to do is put up a unix-style mbox file
somewhere and send the URL to the gmane administrators. Importing
does have the effect that old article numbers are no longer
valid, and thus the read/unread status in newsreader programs is
reset; thus it would be a good idea to gather all old archives
first and then do just one upload, and warn readers in advance.


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