[Matplotlib-devel] Tutorial for Scipy 2021

If you have the interest and bandwidth to give the official matplotlib Scipy 2020 tutorial, please get in touch. There are previous proposals and tutorials you can build on.

Proposals are due Feb 9. Info from the Scipy website:

Tutorials should be focused on covering a well-defined topic in a hands-on manner. We want to see attendees coding! We encourage submissions to be designed to allow at least 50% of the time for hands-on exercises even if this means the subject matter needs to be limited. Tutorials will be 4 hours in duration. In your tutorial application, you can indicate what prerequisite skills and knowledge will be needed for your tutorial, and the approximate expected level of knowledge of your students (i.e., beginner, intermediate, advanced).

For examples of content and format, you can refer to past tutorials from past SciPy tutorial sessions (SciPy 2020 SciPy 2019 SciPy 2018, SciPy2017)

We are looking for interesting techniques or packages, helping new or advanced Python programmers develop better or faster scientific applications.

Thanks, Hannah