[Matplotlib-devel] Ticked stroke implementation

I went ahead and integrated my TickedStroke into patheffects.py and pushed it up as:


Unfortunately, I still am not set up with a proper local MatPlotLib dev environment, so I haven’t integrated a test in test_patheffects.py. However, the attached test (though ugly) should demonstrate how this works.

Since my last message, I’ve integrated it into matplotlib and also changed the dependence on scipy’s 1d interpolation to numpy’s interp – this is used in another part of matplotlib, so the dependence should be OK. Before submitting a PR, I would squash these changes down to avoid the dependence during bisection.

I’d appreciate any comments, feedback, and review – it probably isn’t PR ready yet, so let me know what you think.


(Attachment test_tickedstroke.py is missing)

(Attachment tick_plots.pdf is missing)