[matplotlib-devel] new scientific notation format

Hi Everyone, There is a new formatter in ticker.py called

    > NewScalarFormatter. If you have scientific notation in
    > your plots, you may like the results. If you would like to
    > try it out, you need to change
    > ScalarFormatter->OldScalarFormatter, and
    > NewScalarFormatter->ScalarFormatter. It will then be the
    > default for linear scale axes. I would appreciate
    > feedback, it will hopefully become the default at some
    > point.

Maybe you can provide an example that illustrates the range of normal
and pathological changes that the new formatter is designed to
address, so that people can compare the results visually.

The basic problem the new formatter is trying to solve is to properly
format cases where the view limits range from something like 2e10 to

  from pylab import *
  x = arange(5.0)
  plot(x+2e10, x)

Ie, limits where the range is small compared to end values. In this
case the new formatter figures out what the offset is, factors it out
of the ticks, and displays it on the axis, so for the case above, you
would see something like this for the x-axis


  0 1 2 3 4 5

and the location of the offset text (2e10) is configurable.