[Matplotlib-devel] Joining SPEC as a Core Project

Hi all,

As you may know already from our previous dev meetings, I am on the
steering committee of a new project to better coordinate the
scientific Python ecosystem through a mechanism called the Scientific
Python Ecosystem Coordination (SPEC) process:

We've already recruited a SPEC steering committee:
And we are now recruiting Core Projects:

Matplotlib is currently listed as a Core Project with draft status.
Before the SciPy conference in July, we would like to list Matplotlib
as a Core Project (i.e., with the draft notice removed).

Being a Core Project requires that we endorse SPEC documents that we
support, but this is entirely opt-in, and so far the proposals are
something we're interested in anyway.

I will put this on the meeting agenda for tomorrow to discuss. We
would like to put this in by June 9th, which gives us a few weeks, but
I don't think this will be controversial.


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