Matplotlib-devel digest, Vol 1 #165 - 7 msgs

I had the problem of error_msg() being called, executing'Error: %s'%msg) and no message being reported. I checked
how backend_agg handles errors and deleted and updated
the doc string to be consistent with the way agg uses error_msg().

We now have 'verbose' and error_msg() which both report errors. The
difference is that error_msg() has the side-effect of terminating your
program, which is not necessarily what you expect from its name.
I'd prefer to delete error_msg() completely, use 'verbose' for all
errors and add a 'raise SystemExit()' after it if you need to terminate
the program. I think it would make the code easier to understand.



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Subject: Re: [matplotlib-devel] questions about the PS backend

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On Sun, Oct 31, 2004 at 10:33:27AM -0600, John Hunter wrote:
> >> 7) The template backend uses=3D20
> >>=20
> >>'Error: %s'%msg)
> >>=20
> >> Should this be 'verbose.report_error' instead?
> Yes.
> > No verbose() at all! But I agree I think it should be
> > 'verbose.report_error'
> Yes, it should. All printing should either go to or
> verbose.report_error, so that the user specified output handles are
> used. This was just an oversight in backend_bases.error_msg.
> Everyone should feel free to fix these as they find them.
Then the recent change to error_msg_template should be reverted,
shouldn't it?

All the best,