[matplotlib-devel] Development issue: Assign labels to colorbar extensions

I have posted this in the user sub forum as well because i'm not sure that it
is a user issue or development issue.
Information about my problem and my code are here


Is it possible to assign tick labels/values to extensions?

You would have to do it manually; you can put marks and text anywhere you want in a matplotlib figure, but there is no mechanism for adding ticks to the extensions. That's simply not what they are for. They are intended only to indicate a single color to which values outside the vmin-to-vmax range of the norm are assigned.

If so, how can I do it

It looks like you might be able to achieve what you want *without* using extensions, by using a custom colormap and/or norm. You would extend the actual contour levels to include the full range you want "ticked and labeled", but you would use the colormap and/or norm to ensure those beyond a given range are mapped to the appropriate end color(s).



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