[matplotlib-devel] [basemap] hammer projection and bug ?

Nathana�l: Your test script works fine for me (no coastlines are missing). What version of the geos library did you link against?



On 1/18/11 3:33 AM, Nathana�l Schaeffer wrote:

Dear matplotlib developpers,

I use matplotlib for several years and I'm very satisfied with the it.
I started using the basemap package a few days ago, and I noticed something that looks like a bug :

With the Mollweide projection (and others too), when specifying rsphere=1.0, the coastlines is not drawn in the
left part of the plot. With rsphere=2.0 the hidden part is smaller, and with rsphere=10.0 it is not visible.

I'm using matplotlib 1.0.0 and basemap 1.0
To reproduce the bug :

m = Basemap(projection='moll',lon_0=180,rsphere=1.0)
m.drawcoastlines(linewidth=0.5, color='grey') # draw discrete coastlines
m.drawmapboundary() # draw a line around the map region