matplotlib Debian package

Sorry, last email wasn't to the list. From posts you've

    > made, it looks like you've made some changes to pypaint.
    > Do you want those committed before a pypaint release?
    > Apart from that, I'm just tying up some loose ends, and
    > then I'll be able to make the release - hopefully today,
    > but maybe only Monday if you want your changes added.

I don't have anything to add. I tried to get clipping working but
didn't succeed. I think there are two problems

1) libart wants to paths to be counter clockwise for clipping to work
    (at least that's what I was told on the libart list), and I don't
    think all the path constructors insure this, eg draw_arc.

2) even when the paths are constructed properly, I think there is a
    problem in libart that causes clipping artifacts.

So I think you'll be fine going with what you've got for now. It
would be great to get clipping worked out in the long run, but I don't
see any immediate solutions.

On the font front: as I mentioned earlier, I ported font.c to agg and
it's working. For high resolution images it works great. For small
images (eg, dpi=60) the fonts look pretty bad. I think this is the
same for paint and agg, at least in the comparisons I've looked at.
This isn't surprising since the font code is the same. The two areas
where small rasters come up are for web pages (which is where I assume
your interests are) and embedding in GUI applications (which is
important to me).

Is this why you want to upgrade to freetype2? From my reading of some
of the docs there, this is one thing that freetype2 does better.