matplotlib Debian package

I have rebuild the package with support for gtkgd. I

    > have tried to build also the agg backend, but I can't
    > find the source package for this library! I've found two
    > version: one from and another from
    > scipy cvs, but seems that there are some missing headers
    > when I compile the backend. I have also packaged the
    > gdmodule from
    > and the ttfquery module from
    > TTFQuery download |, all the debs
    > are on

Wow, amazing work.

You may want to look at the header of matplotlib.backends.backend_agg
- this includes some install instructions, where to get agg, etc...

However, that may not be necessary.

I have built a new sdist that has all the prereqs for agg built in
(fonttools, ttfquery, and agg2). You just have to set BUILD_AGG in and it should build, as long as your compiler is fairly
recent. I'll leave it to you whether you want to use debian to get
fontools and ttfquery, or use the ones included with matplotlib. I
stripped all the fluff out of those 3 packages and with everything
included the sdist is still under a megabyte.

I used this to build an all-in-one win32 installer, which will be nice
because now win32 users with Numeric can make PS and PNG plots out of
the box (zlib, libpng, freetype are statically built in).

I'm going to upload the snapshot if you want to experiment with it. I
should warn you though: I forgot yesterday that there is still a
critical bug in wx that must be repaired. Thus there will be one more
revision following this one. (Sorry)