[ matplotlib-Bugs-2949906 ] finance.quotes_historical_yahoo raises ZeroDivisionError

The instructions on that page (reasonably) assume that the developer has a working Python build system and knows how to build the required 3rd party libraries. This is not matplotlib specific information and is better described in the documentation for Python and the libraries.


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                Summary: finance.quotes_historical_yahoo raises

                    Comment By: John Hunter (jdh2358)

                Date: 2010-06-07 08:06

                This is fixed in svn 8392. Look for it in the upcoming
                release. Please
                test from svn if you are able


                Thanks for the report,

                Hi, John, etc. I checked-out current revision (8396 I
                believe), tried to
                build using python setup.py build, got error: Unable to
                find vcvarsall.bat.
                Googled, determined that it was something I'm supposed
                to get w/ a VC
                runtime, so grabbed the most recent version (VC2010 or
                some such),
                installed, determined that I now have a vcvarsall.bat
                and added it's
                location to my path, but am still getting the error.
                  Any ideas?
                Windows 7 home prem. 64 bit. Python 2.6. Thanks!


            Oh, and the error happens after building
            'matplotlib.ft2font' extension.
            Thanks again,

        Perhaps Christoph, who builds the win32 binaries, can let you know
        what he does. It's never as simple a python setup.py install,
          You may want to look in the release/win32 directory at the
        and Makefile.

    You need Visual Studio 2008 (MSVC9) to compile extensions for Python
     >=2.6 on Windows. "python setup.py build" works once you have built
    the prerequisites. See

Compared to what you've written here, those instructions are incomplete
and/or out-of-date.


      I link against the static libraries of libpng, zlib, and freetype,
    compiled with the /MD switch. You may have to adjust your %LIB% and
    %INCLUDE% environment variables and rename the lib files in order to
    be found by the matplotlib build system.