[Matplotlib-announce] [ANN] Matplotlib 3.4.3

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of Matplotlib 3.4.3. This is the
third bug fix release of the 3.4.x series.

Pre-built wheels are available for most major platforms, and can be
installed using `pip install matplotlib==3.4.3`. Other packages may also
be available already; please check with your preferred source. Note, we
are currently aware of some issues with package distribution on PyPI.
Please track these issues for updates, if you are having trouble installing:

We would like to thank the 18 authors over 69 pull requests for their
contributions to this release.

This release contains several critical bug fixes:

  * Clarify deprecation of |Axes.figbox|
  * Disable |MultiCursor| widget on |Axes| subplots which it is not tracking
  * Don't simplify path in |LineCollection.get_segments|
  * Fix DPI in subfigures, affecting tick spacing, and scatter marker size
  * Fix broken EPS output when using Type 42 STIX fonts
  * Fix change in tick behaviour when calling |Axes.clear|
  * Fix class docstrings for |Norm|s created from |Scale|s
  * Fix compatibility with NumPy 1.21.0
  * Fix crash on broken TrueType fonts
  * Fix incorrect hits from |Path.intersects_path|
  * Fix leak if affine_transform is passed invalid vertices
  * Fix legends of |stackplot| with |edgecolors='face'|
  * Fix plot directive when building in parallel
  * Fix |supxlabel| and |supylabel| behaviour in constrained layout
  * Fix tests with latest Inkscape and Ghostscript
  * Improve |DateFormatter| styling for month names when |usetex=True|
  * Re-disable autoscaling after interactive zoom
  * Work around bug in Pillow 8.3.0

For further details on new features, please see the What's new in
Matplotlib 3.4.0 page:
and for details of bugs fixed in 3.4.3, see the milestone on GitHub:

This release is signed by my GPG key. The fingerprint is:
23CA B59E 3332 F94D 26BE F037 8D86 E7FA E5EB 0C10
and it is also used to sign this message.