matplotlib and Zope

I am a new Zope user and am trying to use matplotlib in a Zope application and need some guidance on how to do so.

From a previous post in February 2005 (2-17-05), someone had a similar problem. From the archives, I’m not quite sure it was solved.

This is the only related answer I found.

Matplotlib in a Zope and postgreSQL context
2005-04-29 09:16

 1) Is there a way people know of integrating Matplotlib into Zope ? I had to
fight with the registry (yes, a windows box for now) to get matplotlib to
install on the right Python (Zope"s, not the system Python) but more importantly
I am using an external method to gain access to matplotlib via Zope. It works,
but it"s clumsy and I suspect loading up pylab could be quicker if I could use
Scripts (Python) objects in Zope.

For importing External Method in Zope, what is the module to import? matplotlib or pylab Do you also have to import numeric python first?

What would the functions be in the External Method import? (example: plot, arange, xlabel, etc.???)

The other method listed was to install in the right Python (Zope’s) by fighting with the windows registry. How is this actually done from someone with less computer programming knowledge? Is matplotlib installed in the python directory of the main Zope directory or the Zope Instance directory? I copied the matplotlib directory from my python directory (not Zope) to both the Zope directory (…\lib\python) and Zope Instance directory (…\Extensions) in the hope one would work.

Error Type: ImportError
Error Value: import of “pylab” is unauthorized

How do I get security clearance for matplotlib? The information from Zope isn’t as detailed as I would need. I need a real world example not a ‘’ module.

Thank you.



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