matplotlib and wxmsw26uh_vc.dll

Philippe Fremy
first, install the unicode version of wxPython since matplotlib is compiled using it.
then add that dll in the variable to be passed to the data_files argument of setup, something like this:
then in the setup argument, exclude the dll by having this code fragment:‘dll_excludes’ : ‘wxmsw26uh_vc.dll’,
don’t forget to put your data_files argument in setup



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Subject: [Matplotlib-users] matplotlib and wxmsw26uh_vc.dll

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This seem to be a recurring problem but I haven’t found the answer to my problem by googling.

I am packaging an application that uses python 2.5 (from , ansi version of wxpython
(version >= 2.6) and numpy 1.01, all this on windows.

When I run my program, it complains that it can’t find wxmsw26uh_vc.dll but it will run perfectly,

which I find quite surprising.

I traced the program with dlldpends, and it turns out that it stems from the wx backend: _wxagg.pyd
depends on wxmsw26uh_vc.dll

I did not develop the application, I am only trying to package it and trying to understand the

dependencies. The app runs with various versions of wxPython, but only in ansi.

The problem really arises when I try to package the applicaiton with py2exe. Py2exe won’t let me do
it. I have tried --dll-excludes and --excludes without success.

Is there a proper fix for this ?

    thanks in advance,

    Philippe Fremy

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