Matplotlib and pygtk

This has been my first time using matplotlib and it has not been entirely successful . I was asked to develop a GUI using Python and omniORB to connect as a client to a server and request a data stream which they wanted me to display. There is a considerable amount of data that is generated and I am not sure that Python was going to be able to handle it. I developed the app in Python and was able to connect to the server using omniORB and register a callback and receive the data. This worked fine. I then created the GUI using matplotlib and pygtk. The display included 2 spectrograms a pan display and 2 bar charts. After data of the appropriate type was received they wanted the displays to be updated dynamically. I used threading but it still seemed that after awhile the GUI would lock up. Are there any examples available that embed multiple dynamically updated figures using gtk? I’m afraid that if I can’t get this fixed they will write python and matplotlib off and refuse to use it again.