matplotlib and google - trend setters :-)

A long winding road out of beta

  Once considered the final stage of software development, beta
  versions are taking on a life of their own, as companies tinker
  endlessly with their products in public.

  Underscoring the trend, Google co-founder Larry Page on Wednesday
  told investors that the beta, or test, stage for its products would
  last as long as its engineers expected to make major changes to
  them--a process that has already taken years, in some cases.

  "It's kind of an arbitrary thing," Page said. "We could take beta
  off all of our products tomorrow, and we wouldn't actually have
  accomplished anything...If it's on there for five years because we
  think we're going to make major changes for five years, that's
  fine. It's really a messaging and branding thing."

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