matplotlib and freetype2 on OS X

Thanks for the quick feedback; I suspected as much. Can

    > anyone suggest a way to use freetype to build matplotlib so
    > that the freetype doesn't affect all the other stuff that
    > likes to see Apple's X11 freetype? E.g., perhaps I should
    > install freetype into some location not on the usual search
    > paths, and direct matplotlib to look in that place. Is there
    > a way to do this that doesn't require manually hacking
    > matplotlib every time I download a new version? Surely I'm
    > not the only person using both matplotlib and GTK stuff....

I use matplotlib with GTK on OSX 10.3 with freetype, gtk and mpl
installed from src. I did this once a while ago and have had no
trouble. Perhaps if you install freetype first, and then compile gtk
against that it will work ok. I know this is easier said than done,
since compiling gtk from src is a commitment.

Another option would be to use one of the precompiled matplotlib
packages that have freetype statically compiled in. I think Charles
Moad has been working on this.