matplotlib 1.0 + with networkx integration


So I’m having a problem when trying to integrate networkx with matplotlib 1.0.1. The problem is the same as the one in these posts:

Now going back to 0.99 isn’t really an option, and for 1.0.1 a quick and dirty fix for my problem was to add in, line 1354:

def _sci(self, im):
helper for
do not use elsewhere.
if isinstance(im, matplotlib.contour.ContourSet):
if im.collections[0] not in self.collections:
raise ValueError(
“ContourSet must be in current Axes”)
elif im not in self.images and im not in self.collections: # and not isinstance(im, matplotlib.collections.CircleCollection):
raise ValueError(

“Argument must be an image, collection, or ContourSet in this Axes”)
self._current_image = im

This however isn’t really a fix but a hack to get it working and I don’t know how this could affect other parts of matplotlib. So I guess my questions are:

  1. Is this issue fixed in some newer version than 1.0.1 and if so from which?
  2. If not will this bug be handled in a future version?
  3. If not to 1 and 2 is there any other ‘cleaner’ hack to fix this problem ?