matplotlib 0.99.3 --> 1.0.1 plotting error

Hi All,

I recently upgraded my python packages through Enthought.

I have a mac osx 10.6.8

Previous versions: python 2.6, matplotlib 0.99.3 (Enthought 6.2)
New versions: python 2.7, matplotlib 1.0.1 (Enthought 7.1)

I am using the macosx backend.

I have some functions I wrote which analyze data. They previously worked with no error. Now I get a weird error I am not sure how to sort out yet:

Python[47092] <Error>: CGContextClosePath: no current point.

I believe this is a matplotlib issue as searching for CGContextClosePath returns errors regarding drawing lines.

I should add that my scripts still run, and the plots are still drawn, but I get a dump of error messages like this in my output.

Any ideas what is going on?