Matplotlib - Debian packages available (source + amd64)

Hi all,
due to some requests came lately, I decided to upload the "temp"
Debian package for

They are available at [1]. If you're using an amd64 architecture, then
you can take all those python-matplotlib*.deb and "sudo dpkg -i
....deb" them, if you're using another architecture, then (needs
devscripts, build-essential installed):

dget -x
cd matplotlib-
debuild -us -uc

At this stage, the command will fails because there are some missing
packages needed to build mpl. They are listed, so take them and
"aptitude install <package list>". You need both unstable and
experimental repository in your /etc/apt/sources.list. Reiterate this
process until the building proceeds.

After a while (30mins ~ 1.5h) you'll have in .. the deb files to
install on your machine.

The building "guidelines" above are not complete, as it can't be in
this email; in case of problem, reply to the lists, so other can
leverage the replies.




Sandro Tosi (aka morph, morpheus, matrixhasu)
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Me at Debian: