matplotlib-0.87.1 segfault

This problem was resolved off list and I'm including it here for
others benefit. If you upgrade to a newer version of numpy and are
compiling mpl from src, you will need to

  1) install the new numpy

  2) flush all traces of your previous matplotlib build, eg by
     removing the build dir

  3) re-install matplotlib

Le Mardi 14 Mars 2006 13:58, vous avez ?crit?:

    > Well, I use the src.rpm to rebuild so the build is done
    > in a cleaned directory (Ijust modified the name of the
    > package to respect mandriva policy python-NumPy...)

    > By the way I use mandriva 2005 I did build in that order
    > numpy-0.9.6 then scipy-0.4.6 (maybe not relevant for
    > matplotlib) and then matplotlib-0.87.1

    > I see that coocker is not yet chipping version 0.87.1

I'm still willing to bet the problem is caused by an unclean build.
Please make sure you rm -rf all build dirs and the
site-packages/matplotlib install dir for good measure. Travis
Oliphant and I both separately tested a matplotlib 87.1 build against
numpy 0.9.6. At first I got a segfault when I did not have a clean
build. After removing the build dirs and reinstalling, everything
went fine and my tests passed.

you are right (at least I think)
I done the build again step by step... and the simplest example work!
I think that I stupidly(?) forgot to install Numpy-0.4.6 before compiling
matplotlib 0.87.1
sorry for the disturbance.

You'll know you get a clean build if it takes a long time <wink>

it was not too long (few minutes?)